Corrosion in Low Carbon Energies

IFPEN-Lyon - 3-4 November 2020

    The Workshop Corrosion-LCE goes digital,
    due to the Covid-19 pandemic


The development of new energies is accompanied by new corrosion challenges.

Aimed at the academic and industrial corrosion community, this workshop will provide an opportunity to exchange information and identify the scientific challenges that need to be overcome in order to mitigate corrosion phenomena in the new and developing fields of low carbon energies.

The program will focus on corrosion phenomena in the fields of “sustainable”, “green” or “near-neutral carbon” technologies for energy production and energy conversion and storage.

For example:

  • the development of geothermal energy requires the selection of appropriate materials resistant to severe corrosion and scaling conditions;
  • offshore wind turbine structures are subject to severe fretting fatigue and corrosion damage in sea water;
  • the production of biofuels from plant residues in biorefineries is also associated with potential new corrosion challenges;
  • metal materials used for the production, transport, storage and use of hydrogen gas need to be resistant to embrittlement;
  • significant corrosion research will also be necessary for the development of CO2 capture, transport, storage and utilization technologies.

Join us and take the opportunity to participate in discussions between experts from the academic and industrial corrosion communities.



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